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Parents, have you wondered what your students have been learning and doing during Junior Church? This page is yours for weekly updates on the subject matter being discussed at all three levels of our Junior Church ministry. Teens, Pre-Teens, and Youth group teachers will provided you with a brief sample of lessons taught and discussed in order for you to share in the discussion with your children throughout the week. And, if you are unable to attend on any given Sunday, you will be able to continue being a part of the lesson right here in order to spend that quality time with your child. As we all know what Proverbs tells us, train them up....

Sunday - January 31, 2016


Memory Verse: Exodus 3

Topic for the week: Moses: A Biblical Superhero

Discussion:How God uses ordinary people to do big things...


Bible Reading: Exodus 8

Topic for the week: The Plagues of Frogs, Gnats, and Flies.


Bible Verse:

John 15:13 - No greater love...

Romans 12:1 - Present yourselves a living sacrifice

Matthew 25:40 - Whatever you do for the least of these

Topic for the week: Serving others without grumbling....

Sunday Services: 9:00am Prayer :: 10:00am Worship :: 10:30am Junior Church