Our Ministries


The Women's Fellowship is for the opportunity for the women of our church to gather and share in each others lives. They meet in a variety of places in the surrounding area of Zanesville and Muskingum County while spreading the good news of the gospep wherever they may go. Please check our monthly event calendar for the next meeting date and location of our women's fellowship.


Couples Corner is a ministry for married, engaged, or dating couples. This ministry provides opportunity for discussion issues, movie nights, date nights, field trips, and a variety of other group activities. The highlight of each year is the annual Valentine's Dinner free to all church couples.


The men's group meets for the sole purpose of fellowship and discussion. This group will have field trips which include skeet shooting, fishing, paintball, and the favorite pass time - eating. There is ample opportunity to meet for discussion of all topics and for interaction when necessary. Check our monthly events calendar for the time of our next men's gathering and location.


Our choir is made up of active members of Hands of Faith Church and ministers in song every 3rd Sunday of the month. The summer takes a 3 month summer hiatus in order to refresh themselves. The choir is available for outside concerts and ministry, while serving as an outreach of our church.


Comprised of musicians and singers, this group ministers in song every Sunday morning leading the congregation in worship in preparation of hearing God's Word. The praise team is adept in a variety of styles from traditional hymnal to contemporary hits. They have at times traveled with the pastor of Hands of Faith in sharing at revivals, conferences, and performing separately when asked to minister in the Central and Southeastern Ohio region.


The Glory Dancers are made up of the youth of the church, ministering in spiritual dance and praising the Lord through their movements. This group meets weekly to practice and will minister at various times in order to bring total praise and worship to the Lord.

Sunday Services: 10:00am Worship